Questroom is a portal aggregator system of game quest spaces. (Aggregator (e-commerce) is an electronic trading platform that provides procurement “in one go.” A service that collects information from different channels, sites, forums and blogs into one source for ease of choice for the end user.) Questroom is a network of sites- portals consisting of sites Questroom, Qimnata, Questolog, Questzone.

Customer Benefits

Selection factor.
Thanks to the greater choice for the client, the sites of the Questroom aggregator company are more priority in search results. The quest aggregator offers the client the choice of a game according to the criteria and time necessary for him, provides a filter for searching or supporting a call center. A person who has not yet decided on a particular quest is more likely to go on a quest search engine to have more choice, read reviews or reviews. Players can also choose quests for a particular company or for a specific time with discounts and special promotional offers.
Perhaps the players wanted to visit your competitor's quest, but the time was busy and they will choose the quest with free time from you. Either they want a quest for now, or are looking for a quest nearby. We will not paint all the options with a script, there are a lot of them.

Gift Certificate.
More and more people having tested what a quest is without knowing what to give, they opt for a gift certificate. After all, a gift certificate is a great gift not only for a friend or family member, but also for a colleague or acquaintance. The person who received such a gift will receive a lot of emotions after completing the quest room. Questroom certificate is valid in more than 100 quest rooms in Ukraine!

Partner Benefits

Our portals are included in the TOP search queries related to quests, quest rooms, VR quests, reviews and ratings, which is displayed in search engines issuing Google, Bing, Meta, Yandex and others at the top positions.

What is the benefit?
Hosting on portals, you advertise your quests and games for a larger target audience and attract customers who already trust our resources. This is more than 100,000 regular visitors to the target audience per month!

We are engaged in advertising and promotion of our resources, we hold contests, motivations and other activities in order to interest new customers and keep old ones.

Work and cooperation takes place on the basis of a 22% commission for post-paid advertising services and a credit line. What does it mean? - The partner pays for advertising services in the amount of a commission of 22% of the cost of services paid by customers. Payment and verification are carried out in the affiliate office in a convenient way for you. That is, if the client did not reach you, or the game did not take place, you do not pay anything. On the 1st day of the month, reconciliation for the previous month is carried out and mutual settlement is made (payment for our services upon the fact of the result). Additionally, each company has its own credit line, after which quests are disabled until the debt is paid off (active from 01 / Feb / 2020).

What determines the commission percentage:
22% - if you cooperate with us on an exclusive basis
30% - if you cooperate with other aggregators
35% - if the cost of the game from our portal covers the commission in whole or in part
40% - if you cooperate with a buy or other discount site

You can engage in the advertising and promotion of your services independently participate in advertising auctions Google Adwords, Instagram, FB and other resources independently and at the same time placed on aggregators.

What are the advantages of aggregators over advertising in search engines.
Aggregator questrum obviously attracts the target audience, that is, customers and take payment for their services only upon the achievement of the result! Any other advertising requires you to either pay in advance, regardless of the result achieved, or a short-term credit line (in this case, payment is made for impressions and clicks, and not 100% of the client).
For those who use advertising in search engines, of course, they monitor the spending of the budget and monitor the cost of advertising and its conversion (conversion is to attract an interested client who has performed the necessary action for you, such as a purchase or order). BUT !, as we all know, not every order is an accomplished game. The percentage of failed games is usually 5-35%.
Simple math of advertising in a Google search engine for quest related queries:
(anyone who uses advertising in Google Adwords can check these figures on the example of their advertising campaign)
The cost of a click is from 0.70 to 26.00 UAH; (depending on the display location and the desired result.
The cost of conversion is usually from 120 to 850 UAH; (not guaranteed games, but only armor)
We take into account the percentage of cancellations where people changed their minds, fell ill, or there was some other unknown reason, + add the cost of maintaining the quest (rent, electricity, Internet, household expenses), salary to employees (administrators, operators) - we get that the cost of such advertising it costs you almost as much, if not more than the cost of the game.

Questroom only works on paying for advertising services only for held and paid games!
And you know that the payment will not exceed 22%.

If you want to cooperate at a lower percentage, then we can offer you to enter the QuestRoom™ affiliate network and become part of the franchise paying a royalty of 17% from each game, regardless of the source of income. At the same time, we undertake the obligation to promote your quests on all our platforms and place them on all existing aggregator systems.