Online calendar for quest rooms

Synchronization on all aggregators of Ukraine.
Schedule for quest rooms from one admin area.
No time to configure everything yourself?
no dedicated programmers?
! Use the quest calendar service.

Start getting new reservations today!

Additional functionality is needed - just let us know.
You are working with an aggregator that is not yet on our list, tell us and we will connect it to your personal account.

At the moment, we offer synchronization for such aggregators (Questroom, Questgames, Qimnata, Mir-kvestov, Questolog, Questzone).
Custom calendar styles. Choice of functions for booking notification (SMS, mail, Viber).
The ability to use the calendar functions without your own website or on your website without synchronization with aggregators.

Available Functions

- View bookings as a calendar or list.
- Display of the calendar on the website of each quest individually and throughout the company a consolidated calendar.
- Setting the number of displayed and available days for booking.
- Setting the time until the end of the reservation (closing the time slot).
- The choice of notification methods for booking SMS, mail, Viber
- Synchronization with aggregators
- Installation of different prices for each of the aggregators and to the site
- Different level of access to the admin part
- and other functions.
For whom quest calendar:
- companies that do not have their own calendar or site
- companies that do not have their own programmers to configure synchronization functions
- French companies that want to connect to aggregators
- companies that want to automate the booking process (bookings / cancellations from any sources)

Calendar Advantage:

- a single point management booking;
- the convenience of tracking games, who came from where;
- convenience of canceling games;
- convenience of booking alerts;
- collection and uploading statistics on games in Exel;
- synchronization to aggregators;
- development of personal functions;