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Work and cooperation takes place on the basis of a 15% commission for post-paid advertising services and a credit line. What does it mean? - The partner pays for advertising services in the amount of a commission of 15% of the cost of services paid by customers. Payment and verification are carried out in the affiliate office in a convenient way for you. That is, if the client did not reach you, or the game did not take place, you do not pay anything. On the 1st day of the month, reconciliation for the previous month is carried out and settlement is made (payment for our services upon the fact of the result). In addition, each company has its own credit line, upon exceeding which, quests are disabled until the debt is paid off (active since 01 / Feb / 2020).

You can engage in advertising and promotion of your services independently participate in advertising auctions Google Adwords, Instagram, FB and other resources and at the same time placed on aggregators.