Franchise escape quest rooms

Want to establish or expand your own business in the field of quest rooms?
Questroom (registered trademark) We offer cooperation partners with the opportunity. providing scripts, electronics or turnkey quest rooms.
Studies by leading marketers have shown that the franchise in the field of entertainment is completely independent of the current economic situation in the country. In any period of life, most people want to forget about reality at least temporarily and plunge into the world of entertainment.
A wide age range of visitors allows attracting an audience of almost all ages and interests.
The right to use the trademark and symbols of the project.
Proven scenarios. The entire list of scenarios was carefully worked out during the period work. You can look at each, thereby determining the necessary materials to create a quest room.
A centralized advertising company along with an advertising promotion strategy for your region.
Turnkey finished object. We reveal all the nuances of creating quest rooms, help with the layout of the room for quest locations and reception areas. We provide comprehensive information and assist in the installation and installation of electronics and game elements.
Additionally, programmer support for the site.

A COMMERCIAL CONCESSION AGREEMENT is concluded, which confirms the transfer of the rights of one party (copyright holder) to the other (user), by following certain conditions. This right is applied by the user for the initial organization and subsequent operation of an enterprise located in a certain territory.
The contract remains valid for 5 years. At the expiration of the term, we can renew the contract. Otherwise, you will be required to work independently, while removing all existing references to our trademark.

The cost of a full-fledged franchise for quest rooms consists of a one-time fee from the location + royalties (20% of the turnover).
Royalty includes the cost of placing and synchronizing quests on all aggregators, if the cost of cooperation with the aggregator does not exceed 15%.

The cost of a one-time contribution depends on the city in which the opening of the quest space is planned.
The cost of building a quest and electronics depends on the chosen and agreed scenario, as well as the readiness of the room.

Scenario conditions and the cost of electronics are negotiated and depend on complexity.

In addition, we produce finished products ready for installation and custom electronics with a description and available instructions.

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Franchise Aggregator System

We are looking for partners to develop a network of aggregators in other countries

Nothing stands still and the Questroom team is looking for partners for business development in other countries.
If you or your friends have the opportunity and desire to start a joint business, please inform.
We propose to open an aggregator of quest rooms outside of Ukraine.
For our part, we provide:
Deployment of a localized portal on our hosting and domain (domain local to a specific country)
Support for programmers to develop the portal and connect synchronization
Making changes on demand and updating functionality
Local quest calendar
SEO portal promotion in the local market
Setting up and maintaining online advertising companies

Full portal management is provided for you, the entire admin part

Starting: a one-time fee of 125000 UAH ($ 5000) + 30% of the turnover, our share
Basic: a one-time fee of 250000 UAH ($ 10,000) + 20% of the turnover, our share
Premium: a one-time fee of 375000 UAH ($ 15,000) + 20% of the profit, our share

You are required to establish a partnership, have a local manager manager who will lead partners and engage in administrative activities.
For all related questions, write to