Escape room From dusk to dawn (Anabioz Quest)

Town:  Kyiv
Address:  Shevchenko lane 4 , district Shevchenkovskiy , metro Ploshchad' Nezavisimosti
Fear:  easy fright
History:  You and the company decided to have a... You and the company decided to have a drink at the grocer and went to the bar "From dusk till dawn".
But it wasn't here. The bar door behind you closed and locked. Instead of rest and entertainment, you were in for an unpleasant surprise. You are in the heart of the vampire den.
You have to get out alive. Take all the tests, be smart and daring.
The quest is located in the center of Kiev on the Maidan. It is not necessary to watch the movie "From dusk to dawn". For those watching will be interesting links.
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Language: RU
Genre:  Quests based on the movie / Atmospheric escape
Gift token:  Work
Type:  Escape room
Actor:  No
Type of pay:  on place, online, on-line
rooms in quest: more room
Escape room "From dusk to dawn":
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Играли на тестах. Квест превзошел все ожидания, обалденный антураж и реквизит, ощущаешь себя героем фильма! Как по мне так это лучший квест от Anabioz Quest. Организаторы молодцы,все квесты на Майдане на высшем уровне, да еще и многокомнатные,каких очень мало в Киеве. рекомендую
5 Learn more
5 Idea and scenario of the room
5 Level of puzzles
5 Entourage
5 Location
5 Staff
0.5 Level of fear
4 Difficulty level
5 General impression

Kyiv, Shevchenko lane 4
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