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The network of quest rooms EsqapeQuest is quite famous in Lviv and there is a large selection in their arsenal, but for some reason we were always unlucky with them. Either the administrators are not friendly, then the castles forget to close some, then they delayed the start of the game for about 20 minutes. And once even the administrator fell asleep and when we left the room, no one met us)
But the Mystic Hotel room is one of the few very cool rooms of this network (and in general among quests). Fortunately, this room is really made very high quality and with a soul. What we really liked was the exciting and intriguing story of the room. From the first minutes, sounds, music, interior immerse you in the mystical atmosphere of the hotel and you imagine yourself to be real investigators who will understand why this hotel is covered in so many secrets and mysteries, conduct a real investigation to understand what really happened here and Uncover the secret of this mystical hotel. But you need to be careful and attentive, as strange and sometimes even creepy things will happen on the way, the hotel is supposed to communicate with you and interfere with the investigation, beware of meeting with the so-called residents, it may not be to everyone's liking. what can I say, this quest can be safely called "exciting." Time flies in such a room instantly and I want the story not to end.
It should also be noted that in this location there are rooms in the same theme, so if you are a lover of horror, you can go through several rooms at once.
The reception is decorated in the appropriate style, so even before the start of the game you can tune in to the appropriate wave. The only thing I would work on administrators. Over their presentation and mood.
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