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HubEscapeQuest Quest Room Network is a subsidiary of EsqapeQuest. In our experience, this is not the best network. But the subsidiary has pretty good and high-quality rooms.
And when we went to the quest room “50 shades” this weekend, we were pleasantly surprised. This is a rather piquant and non-standard room, therefore, of course, it’s better to come here together with your loved one (but from the photo reports you can see that the teams come here are the same as for ordinary quests).
Why is it better to come together with a half? Firstly, the format is not a classic quest room with many tasks, but a room with a very small set of tasks, which you can solve and have a lot of fun and take pictures during the passage of the room (this was the first time we saw this, well, these photos are more likely for a personal album ) You can go through the whole room very quickly, but they give you 60 minutes to have fun and give free rein to your fantasies (but do not forget that they are watching you). Although we were not in a hurry, we still left in 35 minutes. But it’s very cool that you can take photos.
Secondly, if you wanted to become an actor / actress from childhood, then you can fully fulfill your dream and feel like a movie star, since the main task is to complete the well-known film. The plot of the room does not repeat the plot of the film, but the concept is the same, so for those who have not watched there will be no problems in passing. Again, just let your secret fantasies run for 60 minutes.
As for the premises for expectations. There are lockers and hangers for things, sweets and water, small puzzles. And the reception itself often serves as a photozone, and it is decorated for themed holidays (for example, Halloween). Also a nice bonus is a discount for IT professionals.
In general, I think we will definitely visit the rest of the rooms from HubEscapeQuest.
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