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Dnipro is a city in which you never get bored, there is a lot of entertainment for every taste and “wallet”. There are interesting places just for walking, there are a lot of options for outdoor enthusiasts, it’s not boring here for extreme sports and intellectuals, adults and children, but only for all the places are different, except for one ...

Quest - the most fashionable game of our time

Quest is the only unique, amazing and incredibly addictive game that can unite those who have completely different interests, hobbies and visions of good rest. Here, players of completely different ages can feel quite comfortable in one team. And this is great! You can choose any genre: • detective; • adventure; • erotic; • historical; • fantasy and not only. And if you decided to spend time together with friends, classmates, or colleagues this weekend, look for quests in Dnipro with discounts, to add a nice "bonus" to the indescribable emotions that will give the quest room.

Types of discounts offered by quest rooms in Dnipro

In fact, on the quest in the Dnieper, discounts are offered by many questrooms, and you can always consider several options. Most often there are such sentences: • Promotions. This is a marketing ploy, which is usually used for advertising purposes (for example, to inform as many potential visitors as possible that a new room has opened in the Dnieper River and invites players to try their hand at an exciting quest). A new genre, theme, etc. can be presented; • discounts for two. As a rule, the price of a quest room visit is set for the game as a whole, in which three, four, five or even six players can play. As a result, entertainment for the team members is inexpensive, but if the group is small (for example, you decide to spend time on the next date), then the amount can “bite”, but knowing this, administrations of some quest rooms offer an adequately reduced visit price for couples; • quest with a discount for the club card holder. This is an advantageous offer for those who often choose such entertainment. In the Dnieper today, quest rooms in the trend, they are quite high in demand, and if you are among the fans of interactive games, having received such a card, you can save up to 20% on a visit; • birthday discounts. This is a special and very pleasant option, such a kind of gift from the administration quest room to a birthday man. Savings can range from 5 to 50%, each institution has its own rules.

What should players know

Discounts for entertainment make participation doubly enjoyable. And in order that nothing spoils your rest, do not forget about a couple of important rules: • Be sure to book a visit; • correctly select the quest (by genre, complexity, degree of fear); • specify in advance the address of the room in the Dnieper and the location map, and also get together with the team on site 20 minutes before the game is scheduled.
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