Overview of the quests of the company Anabioz (Kiev)

Photos for reviews Overview of the quests of the company Anabioz (Kiev)
Recently in Kiev, our team visited the Anabioz quest space. I must say that we were satisfied!
In Anabioz quests, we were pleased with the homely atmosphere, a pleasant and unobtrusive interior. All the necessary amenities for the players were present, such as tea / coffee / water, sweets, music, good Wi-Fi, and board games (a necessary thing that will help pass the time before or after the quest).
Anabioz company quests I think will be remembered for a long time. The quests are located at Pankovskaya 7. This is a 10-minute walk from the Universitet metro station or Leo Tolstoy metro station.
In this location you will find four quest rooms at once. All quests are diverse, differ in subject and level of difficulty. Each player will find something to their liking. So, let's begin!
In the FBI quest: official investigation , we felt like detectives. If you are fans of films about Sherlock Holmes and want to visit his role or just want to be an FBI employee, then here you are! Our team consisted of two people and sometimes we needed the help of an administrator in solving puzzles (although we have already completed more than 100 quests). This quest is definitely suitable for experienced players. And we also learned that children like it (spoiler! There is an aquarium with fish there)
The quest room " Tomb of the Pharaoh " - it was very very enticing and exciting. So to say, an adventure for true travelers and dreamers among the ancient hieroglyphs, riddles and secrets of the Egyptian pyramids. We can say that they went on excursions in Egypt. Tasks are easy and not forced, there are search elements. We walked together without prompts in 40 minutes :)
And the second time they were in the role of detectives, though this time they were looking for the money of one mafia. The quest " Robbie Bucks stash" is one-room and small (for two or three people). It would seem that there is one room, what to do in it, but there will be enough tasks for the whole hour and they are all diverse. I really liked how the room was decorated. We had only one chance to find the cache and get $ 500,000, and we did it!
And finally, the last and now our favorite magical quest " Black and white story ". This room hit us as soon as we entered. Very beautiful and aesthetic. There were tasks that we had never seen before, so to speak, no less interesting puzzles were hidden behind a colorful picture!
Our team recommends everyone to visit these quest rooms. And you can book them on our portal Questroom.com.ua
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