How to play the quest?

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Quest - this is one of the new varieties of modern games, every day is rapidly gaining popularity. Today she has millions of fans around the world, and they are replenished by representatives of different ages. If you have not yet had time to try this amazing entertainment, but are already interested in the game, then the first question that got in your way is how to play the quest? Just say that there is absolutely nothing complicated.

A few general points regarding quests

A quest today is called an interactive genre game, in which the main characters have a certain task, to solve which it is necessary to make mental efforts (to solve a puzzle, rebus, build a logical chain). For example, solve a crime when it comes to the detective genre or horror quest, etc. Participants are placed in a locked space, from which they can get out, only having coped with the task. Participants are given a limited time to achieve the goal, usually 60 minutes. To complete the quest, physical training and strength are not needed, only in some reality games it happens that you need very light physical efforts.

How to play the quest: features and rules

Although the quest game is a simple form of entertainment, it has its own characteristics and rules. 1. To begin with, she’s a team. Participants should be from two people or more, the ideal option is 4-6. It is desirable that the selected genre be interesting to all players. 2. A certain time is given for completing the quest, and during this period you need to keep within. Physical force must not be applied (for example, to “open the entrance to the cave”), because all this is done with the help of the mind and logic. 3. The team of players must correspond to the age for which the game is designed. If tasks for adults or a difficult level of quest, and it is intended for people over 14-16 years old, then kids should not be taken with them. They will become bored, and they will not let others relax and feel themselves in another reality. 4. Starting the game, you should leave behind the closed door all everyday problems and worries, and turn your attention to solving tasks. The point is to solve all problems without exception, get the right answers and find tips that will help you achieve your goal. Try to concentrate on the game, and the result will please you not just by completing tasks, but by moral satisfaction, a sense of joy, pride, and euphoria. 5. Be sure to come to the quest room about 15 minutes before the start to receive instruction, to learn how to play this game exactly (in each case there are some nuances, and the representative of the quest room administration should bring you up to date).

An important nuance

Another important point: you may not know how to play the quest in advance - they will tell you everything in the quest room, do not forget that you need to choose the right game. To do this, choose a genre, plot, level of difficulty and fear, pay attention to the recommended age of the participants and their number.
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