Escape room Revenge of the Bloody Jenny 2.0 (Dante's Quest), Zaporizhia

Town:  Zaporizhia
Fear:  terribly
History:  Quest with live characters.The quest is... Quest with live characters.
The quest is an absolute performance, forget about the walkie-talkie and the host at the microphone, you will find a kaleidoscope of personalities and improvisation. You will not find a single shocker here, only a great acting and entourage. The game with us is a theatrical production in which YOU are the main characters and what will happen next depends on your actions. The number of actors depends on the level, with each level there are more and more of them. Not necessarily the plot can be scary. A more interesting (less scary) plot is possible with a greater entourage and a richness of events. For each team, an individual approach and a scenario that is created by the players themselves and their decisions.
There are several game levels.
1. Logical (you have a complicated storyline, no actors)
2. Standard (medium in complexity plot and minimum presence of actors)
2.1 Standard with add. actor (surcharge + 100UAH, there are characters of both negative and neutral formation, a brighter version of the standard)
3. Hard (surcharge + 200UAH, plot with additional actors and anything can happen to you, without pain)
4. Ultrachard (surcharge +400 UAH, you have the largest number of characters, anything can happen to you, pain is possible.)
1457 year.
Everyone who was engaged in black magic was brutally persecuted and punished by the church. In the holy casemates, the Inquisitors did everything to cleanse sinful souls from evil through torture.
One of the Inquisitors heard the news of a bloody witch named Jenny Greenties, who terrified the settlements. The peasants did not return to their homes, and those who were lucky to survive were brutally mutilated by the villain.
The Inquisitor sent the best knights of faith in order to catch the witch and bring him personally. A lot of valiant warriors were killed by a witch before she was caught ... And a trial was held.
Jenny not only publicly confessed to all her crimes, but also vowed that she would not stop, vowed that she would take revenge on the holy order. The sentence was unambiguous! Death!
But it was not there. It turned out that so easy to get rid of Jenny will not succeed. In the fire it did not burn, in the water did not sink. The Great Archbishop decided to imprison the witch in a secret dungeon, in three magic castles.
For many centuries, the secret order kept the world from Bloody Jenny ... You are the descendants of the founders of the order, and you have a chance to take the place of honor of your ancestors. But there is one small formality - you need to pass one small test ... 60 minutes alone with Jenny .. Are you ready? Not everyone will survive ...
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Language: RU, UA
Genre:  Quests with mysticism / Quests with elements of horror
Gift token:  Work
Type:  Escape room
Actor:  Yes
Type of pay:  on place
Rating category: Quests with actors
Rating category: Scary quests
Rating category: Quests for kids
rooms in quest: more room
Escape room "Revenge of the Bloody Jenny 2.0":
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Average mark 4.83 based on 37 of reviews
Comments (6):
Ходили с друзьями - очень понравилось))) много загадок, довольно-таки страшно, интересные загадки, хорошая игра актеров
5 Learn more
5 Idea and scenario of the room
5 Level of puzzles
5 Entourage
5 Location
5 Staff
4 Level of fear
4 Difficulty level
5 General impression

Квест очень понравился. Мы окунулись в атмосферу с первой минуты, все очень реалистично-было страшно! Спасибо организаторам. Всем советую прийти пощикотать нервишки:)
5 Learn more
5 Idea and scenario of the room
5 Level of puzzles
5 Entourage
5 Location
5 Staff
5 Level of fear
4.5 Difficulty level
5 General impression

Квест очень понравился, все очень атмосферно с первой минуты) Организаторы молодцы, все на высоте)
5 Learn more
5 Idea and scenario of the room
5 Level of puzzles
5 Entourage
5 Location
5 Staff
4 Level of fear
5 Difficulty level
5 General impression

Zaporizhia, Leonid Zhabotinsky 7
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