Escape room Side effect (TELEPORT), Kyiv

Town:  Kyiv
Fear:  easy fright
History:  Quest "Umbrella: The Hive" was created... Quest "Umbrella: The Hive" was created by the cult film of the same name in 2009, the characters of which pass an unusual casting to the company. Selection for the position is carried out in harsh conditions: according to the head, this is the right way to identify the best employee.
The quest plunges deep into the atmosphere of the film thanks to the replicas of the heroes taken from it, the music, and also the scenery made in the style of the motion picture. The creators of the game offered an independent, action-packed scenario and put it into an intoxicating cocktail with an atmosphere of suspense, which does not leave the mysterious room throughout the quest. Author's finds will not allow players to predict the final - in the middle the action will turn in unexpected ways.
All these advantages make the technopriller “Umbrella: Beehive” really unforgettable entertainment.
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Language: RU, UA, EN
Genre:  Technological quest / Quests with actors
Gift token:  Work
Type:  Escape room
Actor:  No
Type of pay:  on place
Escape room "Side effect":
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Kyiv, Kiev, st. Alexandra Dovzhenko 3
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