Escape room 180 degrees (gepard), Kyiv

Town:  Kyiv
Fear:  without fear
History:  The mouse sleeps in the den in... The mouse sleeps in the den in winter
And he sees a strange dream
Masha was surprised in the house
Things got upside down
Do not sit on the stool
But do not fall asleep on the bed
What to do bears?
The snow is already melting a little
An hour later to wake up
Help me, friends
It is not necessary to relax here
Time to get out of sleep !!!
Quest closed! Not working!
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Language: RU, UA
Genre:  Adventure Escape / Fun quests
Gift token:  It does not work
Type:  Escape room
Actor:  No
Type of pay:  on place
Escape room "180 degrees":
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