Escape room Alice in Wonderland (IQuest), Kharkov

Town:  Kharkov
Fear:  without fear
History:  Open the door to a world of madness and... Open the door to a world of madness and wonder.
Crazy interiors, crazy tasks and weird items are of interest to both adults and children alike.
Customary laws do not apply here, and you have noticeably decreased in size. Help the people of the country get around the bloody witch, launch the timing mechanism and enjoy a crazy tea party.
A quest room for those who really want to move their brains.
Quest closed! Not working!
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Language: RU, UA
Genre:  Adventure Escape / Quest for children
Gift token:  Work
Type:  Escape room
Actor:  No
Type of pay:  on place
rooms in quest: more room
Escape room "Alice in Wonderland":
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Comments (1):
Квест комната Алиса в стране чудес, очень нам понравилась, загадки не совсем уж и простые, как мы думали, но справились сами. Антураж комнаты заставляет целиком погрузиться в игру. Наше время 57:45 :-) Спасибо организаторам.
4.8 Learn more
5 Idea and scenario of the room
5 Level of puzzles
5 Entourage
4 Location
5 Staff
5 Difficulty level
5 General impression

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