Quest overview Wah Bank: steal a million

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An experienced questor can always boast numerous feats in various areas. What did he not do, what alterations he visited, what depths of worlds and subconscious penetrated, saved children and all of humanity at once, stole the latest developments in computer technology, divined ancient manuscripts, made dizzying escapes from impregnable prisons and of course robbed banks.
This is perhaps the most pleasant. If everything is going well (and in a different way a professional should not be), you and your friends break the big sum and enjoy life to the fullest.
All this is good, but what to do if you and your team have not been in action for a long time, but really want to return to the “profession”? In such cases, need a solid training. And where it can be a quality pass, if not on a special training base.
Through our quest channels, we found such a super-secret base, created as a dummy of a real bank branch. And do not hesitate to go there.
In the beginning, it seemed to us that we did not lose our form, and we were absolutely fit to the test. But, the further we moved, the more we understood - everything had to be started anew, we lost our knack, became slow and predictable. And in this case it is tantamount to complete failure. And then we put aside all our previous experience and began to learn again. During this time we passed the whole thorny path from the basics to mastery, bringing together the will and the desire to win.
On the basis of us prepared a whole clip of tasks, riddles, strength tests, tests for dexterity, ingenuity and ingenuity. And all this was incredibly dynamic, spectacular, informative and really cool.
In short, the training was top notch. And you can absolutely safely go to business with reinforced concrete confidence that now our team will be conquered by any bank in the world))

Briefly about the quest:

• The quest is very intricate. The location has an extremely realistic view of the bank branch.
• Quest component at the highest level. A lot of mysteries. They really would be enough for 2 quests))
• The duration of the quest "All-Bank: steal a million" 2 hours. This is the first quest in Kiev on such a scale!
• Riddles in general of medium difficulty with excellent logic
• The game takes part in many different kinds of devices. And it very much draws into a well-coordinated team game.
• This quest will be interesting for both novices and gurus.
• Operators on location are very responsive, friendly and incredibly positive.
You can see the full information and book the quest Va-Bank
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