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“Well then, welcome to the Shawshank, gentlemen condemned, do not ask questions, here is your uniform, dress one at a time to the wall!” Click-click! And now your photo with the number is already listed in your personal file. You close your eyes ... you open and you are locked in a prison cell for 27 years, the very one in which the convicted Andy Dufeyn was sitting. All that remains for you is to repeat his path and escape from this prison.
The first minutes are difficult to think about, since you are in a small cell, bedridden, in the uniform of a prisoner - it sounds rather creepy, agree. But as you organize your escape, you get into the excitement and it's hard to stop. You are no longer confused by the rather funny inhabitants of this area and those places where you make your way to the exit (not in vain, by the way, you were warned to wear comfortable clothes and no heels) there is only one goal - to get out. The tasks are arranged logically and the quest can be completed almost without hints (by experienced questers), but you still have to move your brains over not simple logical tasks.
As usual, Secretorum pleases with locations in this quest, interesting and diverse tasks both on logic and attentiveness. As a result, our whole gang got out, taking with them personal files and a pleasant evergreen bonus)
What I would like more on this network is some promotions or discounts, but it is, purely a wish. And also the location location is a little confusing, it is located in the Soviet administrative building on the 3rd or 4th floor and for the first time it is difficult to navigate to find them. Otherwise, everything is super, this is our favorite network of quests.
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