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No matter how exciting and rich the life of a robber is, sooner or later it ends and, however annoying it is, it breaks off usually at the moment when everything seems to be just beginning… The “last thing” before the rest with the laurels of the “elusive” robber turns fatal a mistake, while all the looted good is covered with dust securely hidden in the den of a criminal.
And so you come into the room hoping that the money will be right in front of you, but the door is closed and now you will not be able to get out of here. You do not suspect that you have launched a mechanism that will not allow you to take away the values ... But who knows, you may be able to escape by solving all the mysteries of the dead.
When you enter a small office room, you will be greeted with a pleasant 80s mafia interior. The combination of classic dark colors and blue-red lighting enhances the room's entourage, and miraculously reinforces the belief that it is a mafia lair, perhaps even a bit like a saloon of the same age. Immediately after closing the door and starting the quest, you are a little lost and do not know what to do, because all the objects are not noticeable at first glance, and you do not immediately realize that they are all game. After solving the first riddle, everything becomes even more atmospheric, and it is already clear in which direction to move on, because the quest is linear, but this does not mean that the riddles become easier, and on the contrary the level of difficulty gradually increases to the middle of the quest, and remains at the same level up to the end. The puzzles are interesting, you want to solve and solve the puzzle not only to go to the next one, but to test yourself. Quest room can be completely gone without prompts in the allotted time, the main thing is to be attentive, and interact with the whole room.
Advantages of the quest: There is nothing that can get you off the logical chain of a linear quest, an easy pleasant atmosphere. Logical and mathematical puzzles of medium complexity.
Disadvantages: music does not always fit the style, but it is a purely subjective opinion.
In general, a nice quest in the spirit of the mafia 70-80s, quite interesting puzzles with non-standard solutions, ideal for a company of 1-2 people.
You can see the full information and book the quest Robbie Bucks Cache
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