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Imagine what would happen if the world became black and white? A kind of frozen winter without the slightest hint of green foliage, a bottomless sky blue and orange-purple sunsets. Boring, fresh and lonely. It’s even cold. There is no golden sun either.
If you can’t imagine, there’s not enough imagination, come to the Black and White Story quest room and you will see everything in real life. Only two colors - black and white. In the interior, in furniture, in the smallest details. As if you are getting inside a black and white photograph, or rather a black and white movie.
Being in such an environment for a long time is simply unbearable. And you start looking for a way out, you start looking for colors. Should they hide somewhere? Furniture, walls, window, ceiling ... You feel, inspect everything to the millimeter and begin to understand that not everything is lost, there are colors, you just need to free them from witchcraft, return them to real life, color the wretched black and white space in all the colors of the rainbow.
And the colors begin to return, appear through the black and white veil. Not rhinestone, gradually. You solve puzzles, solve puzzles, think, compare, try, search. Something needs to be rearranged, something tilted, something tightened, something clicked, something pulled, something pulled, something ... something ... something ...
And then a few flowers gradually returned. You enter into excitement - you need to finish what you started and return the rainbow to the room. Colors hide, as if even chuckling at you, playing hide and seek. But you stubbornly go to the goal, and one by one they return to their places. The room has changed. The eyes rejoice, the soul rejoices. The miracle is not different - the rainbow splashed its rays where, an hour ago, everything was black and white.
This is how you begin to feel like a fabulous artist who is able to transform the reality around. Want to try? Come here too. There will be enough colors for everyone. The main thing is the desire to make the world brighter.
Quest Summary:
• Very atmospheric. Magical transformation of a room from black and white to bright and unique
• There are no items not taking part in the game. In other words, there are no distractions.
• The quest is designed for 60 minutes of leisurely thoughtful guessing. No need to run and hurry))
• Beautiful and unusual puzzles of medium difficulty level
• All mechanisms in perfect condition, work without misfires
• The quest is interesting for experienced players and absolutely newcomers can do it
• Very friendly and helpful staff
You can see the full information and book the quest Black and white story (magic)
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