Review of the quest The Hobbit Zaporozhye

Photos for reviews Review of the quest The Hobbit Zaporozhye
One of the most entourage quests in Zaporizhia is the quest The Hobbit command from Origin.
We had heard about this quest room and decided to try our hand and see everything with our own eyes.
The quest is located in the central part of Zaporozhye on Soborny Avenue 186, by the way, several quests are located in one location at this address, which allows you to come in with a large company and go to several quests at once or after passing immediately try to go through another one.
The operator of the quest met us at a beautiful desk and struck a story in a loud voice, and then suggested we start the game by starting the quest.
Indeed, the Hobbit quest turned out to be very entourage and everything was done as in the movie, do not forget that the hobbits are not very tall and large people may be uncomfortable in their hut, but for children this is what you need!
In the beginning, we were at the edge of the entrance to the hut, spending a little more than 10 minutes (it could have been much less, but we were encouraged by the start of the quest) we managed to get into the hut.
The hut seemed small, but it turned out to be a lot of interesting things and some awkward tasks awaited us, as for us.
We could not complete this quest without prompts, as attention always failed us. The quest was completed in about 57 minutes, although this time we did not track the time and trusted the words of the operator. The quest is not easy, very entourage, with unusual puzzles, and quite compact. Our team liked it.
You can see the full information and book the quest The hobbit (Zaporizhzhya)
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