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Only the second week of your FBI job is already such a complicated business, oh and the time has come to choose. Once again this gang robs a bank and comes out of the water, all you have on it is a thin case file and a couple of proofs, your boss thinks that only he can open this case, and is it really? Is she really as indistinguishable as everyone says? And even if so, just imagine to what position you will be promoted if you reveal the identity of the perpetrators ... The boss asks you to take a folder, does this seem like your chance to choose, try to open the case on your own, or continue to handle small orders of the intern? ... With every beat of your heart, precious time pops up, a TV, an aquarium, a fridge, a sofa… it is quite an ordinary room, but your boss is not one of those people who hides things in sight…
The room greets us with bright colors and a calm hum of water in the aquarium, at first glance it is not unusual, but the volume on the TV does not switch. Wandering around the room, you find the first puzzle, and after that the riddles begin to be more difficult, the first confusing map, but almost no game load it carries, so it can be safely ignored or considered an object of the interior. The puzzles are constantly forcing you to look back at the things already looked at and look at them from a different angle, and the objects that seemed quite ordinary are the pinnacles of engineering thought, which in turn can not but rejoice. The choice of suspects should rely not only on their intuition, but to reinforce their assumptions with facts, to feel not just agents of the FBI and detectives not worse than Sherlock. The room makes you read, analyze, collate the facts, and you really enjoy opening the case. The quest I personally liked.
Advantages: The focus of some of the puzzles is on the spotlight, and what seems difficult after the junction turns out to be simple, one that can't help but be remembered by those who didn't want to feel like an FBI agent.
Disadvantages: Sometimes there were problems communicating with the administrator, but this did not affect the gameplay at all.
An interesting quest, sharpened to attention. I recommend passing a group of 2-3 people.
You can see the full information and book the quest FBI: murder academy
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