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We want to share our impressions about visiting the quest room "Witch Sarah" in Zaporozhye from the company Original Quest.

The quest was originally built in Lviv for the Escape company, but after it worked (or as they say, it passed specific testing) it was transported to Zaporozhye.

At the moment, the quest is located in the central part of the city on Soborny Avenue in the courtyard of house 149 (before the game you will need to go to the location at Soborny Avenue 186, which is across the road). The company organizer and indicates the address Cathedral 186.

We arrived at the address and the administrator took us to the game location where the quest is located.

We left things, got the installation on the game (rules of conduct and heard the legend).

According to the legend of the quest, we got into the hotel room in which the witch Sarah Braga lived. We had to find out the secret of the mystical disappearances of their predecessors and leave this mysterious place.

They led us into a room, closed the door and the quest began. The quest is quite entourage and technological, made in the spirit of the end of the XIX century. Without buildup, we proceeded to solve the problem.

We solved some problems with ease, but over some we had to rack our brains and take a couple of tips. The atmosphere in the quest is not very bright, because after all this is the place where people disappeared. Riddles and tasks are very diverse and we, as having passed more than a dozen quests, were quite interesting and entertaining.

For my beginners, in my opinion, it will be difficult and may not come in, but experienced quest-seekers should like it.

If you are lovers of a leisurely game where you need to think and act judiciously, then definitely you should visit the Witch Sarah quest room from Origin quest in Zaporozhye.
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