Review of the Harry Potter Lviv quest

Photos for reviews Review of the Harry Potter Lviv quest
If you are a fan of this phantasmagoria like me, then you just definitely need to visit Diagon Alley in the quest room from Secretorum quest! Go to the Ollivander shop, do not pass by the bank of Gringotts and of course you can not do without magic. You’ll have 60 minutes for everything about everything, but it seems to me that you need to devote an extra hour to it just to consider all the details and little things that the creators of the room so qualitatively and soulfully put into this quest. No wonder the organizers went to Universal Studios and got acquainted with some locations of the filming of this series of films in order to convey the atmosphere in the quest as realistic as possible.
Here you can involuntarily believe in magic, because throughout the game you will conjure potions, wave your wands and even get acquainted with mandrakes and their flashy roots. So even adults here can believe in magic for a moment.
But even if you are the rarest person who has not seen a single movie, you should still try yourself in the role of a magician and, perhaps, after that do not resist watching it.
Also, I want to note the administrators working on this network. Always friendly, interestingly tell the story of the room and tune in to the right wave. And after the release, it’s nice to share your impressions with them and discuss the nuances. The receptionists and the quality of the rooms made this network our favorite. Well, this room now honorably occupies our top 3 best quest rooms (and we have visited them for more than 20, and not every room can pleasantly surprise and leave such positive emotions! By the way, it’s funny that we randomly got a team from Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione)
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