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Quests in reality, which 8 years ago were real exotic, now appeared in many countries of the world. It is not surprising that some states have become leaders in terms of the number of quest rooms and geographical coverage. How “Escape from the room” captures the world will show you the TOP 10 countries we compiled, in which quests love the most.

  • USA
The USA can safely be called the king of quests. Companies that organize games in the “Escape from the Room” genre and thematic quests based on TV shows, films and books are in almost 130 cities of the country - that is, in almost every state. The leaders in the number of quest rooms beat out Los Angeles, which became the homeland of quests in the United States, and New York. But other cities are not far behind: more than 10 different scenarios can be found in San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Portland, Philadelphia, Austin, Houston and Seattle. So as you can see, there are no geographical divisions into a couple of large cities - the capitals of the world of quests and the rest of the "provincial" rooms in the USA. By the way, in the States in recent years there have been many quests for children, the passage of which does not need an adult in the team. A great opportunity to entertain the child, and to sit in silence.

  • Russia
You will be surprised, but perhaps the quest culture is nowhere more developed than in Russia. In terms of coverage, they still lose a little to the leader of the rating: games in the “Escape from the room” genre appeared only in 40 cities of the country, but in terms of the number of organizers of quests and the number of scenarios they offer, they are ahead of the rest. There are 2150 quest rooms in Russia now - an absolute world record. Most of the organizers of the quests, of course, are in Moscow and St. Petersburg: 583 and 253, respectively. But that's a little less than half. The rest are in the regions.
  • Ukraine
The third place according to our calculations is taken by Ukraine, more than 800 quest rooms from more than 130 quest providers are represented in our country. Most of the quest rooms operate in the capital - about 170, followed by Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, and closes the TOP-5 cities in terms of quest popularity - Zaporizhia.

  • Canada
In Canada, more than 90 quest organizers and about three hundred different scenarios fall on the 35 million inhabitants of the country. By the number and prevalence of quests, Canada can be compared with the United States, and in fact there are 10 times fewer citizens living in it! The most “urbanized” cities in Canada are Vancouver, Richmond, Markham, North York, Scarborough, Toronto and Montreal - they account for about half of all quest rooms in the country.

  • Netherlands
The Netherlands for the quest world is a phenomenon country. With a population of just over 17 million people, she managed to become a leader in the global quest industry with more than 200 quest scenarios. If you look at the map of the country on the quest aggregator site, it seems to you that in the Netherlands there is not a single city left in which there would be no quest room. In fact, there are about 30 of them in the country, which is quite a lot for the state, divided into 12 small provinces.

  • Germany
In Germany, quests are so popular that even a special site has appeared that collects information about all the quest rooms that have opened in the country and prepares reviews for them. Now it has registered 113 companies organizing quests in 69 cities of the country. The geographic spread of the quests is large, but the Germans' choice is, unfortunately, quite scarce: in 45 cities there is only one quest room, and only five of them have more than 4: Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Frankfurt.

  • Great Britain
The British kingdom, like Germany, also has its own quest aggregator site, and it shows 79 quest organizers in 35 cities of the country. The situation here is also similar to that in Germany: in most of the cities mentioned, there are 1-2 quest rooms, only Edinburgh, Liverpool, London and Manchester are knocked out of the general picture. But even with this capital of Great Britain, in comparison with other cities, there is nothing special to boast of: 21 scripts from 17 organizers - large network firms involved in quests, in fact, in England.

  • Poland
In Warsaw alone, TripAdvisor knows 28 escape quests, some of which are very popular - hundreds of users give ratings and detailed reviews in different languages of the world are posted on the page. Most popular here are the classic quests of the genre "Escape from the room", as well as the quests "Crime scene". By the way, some rooms in Warsaw can be accessed not only in Polish, but also in English. In addition to the capital of the country, there are quests in Krakow, Gdansk, Lodz, Poznan, Szczecin, Torun and Wroclaw, and not only one, but at least 2-3, or even 5-6 quest rooms in each. Total about 50 organizers of quests and more than a hundred scenarios. Not bad for a country with a population of less than 40 million people.

  • Hungary
I must admit that little Hungary was included in this list only thanks to Budapest. In this city of the country are 34 of 46 firms organizing quests. But if you ever look into the Hungarian capital, you will have a huge choice. More than 65 scenarios, from the classic "Room Escape" to exotic games based on films, series, children's fairy tales and books, for example George Orwell's 1984, where else can you see this? Many of these quests are not at all as simple and harmless as it seems at first glance. In addition to Hungarian, you can play almost everywhere in English, and prices in Budapest are much lower than average European prices. In general, there is something to do for a real quest fan.

  • Australia
Locked on their small continent, the Australians seized on the quest rooms as a unique opportunity to get new impressions without breaking into a plane ticket to faraway Europe or the United States. Only 6 quests are indicated on TripAdvisor in Sydney, but in fact there are at least 10 companies organizing quest rooms in the city. In addition to the largest city in Australia, there are quests in Parramatta, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Harvey Bay, Melbourne, Perth and a dozen more cities across the country - more than 30 scenarios per 23 million inhabitants. True, in some cities, given the high demand for such entertainment, quests are not even enough: for example, in more than a millionth Perth there is only one room.

  • Spain
Spain is one of those rare countries where the leader in the number of quests was not the capital. Only 5 quests in Madrid can not even argue with at least 16 in Barcelona. In addition to them, there are quest rooms in 8 more cities, and in total local organizers offer more than 50 scenarios.

  • Consolation prize
Three countries did not reach our rating a little: Malaysia, Turkey and Romania. There are 20 quest organizing companies in Malaysia and, interestingly, most of them have about 5-6 scenarios each, so this country could well argue with many others in this ranking in terms of quest diversity. In Turkey and Romania, the number of quests has not yet surpassed the 30 mark, but is confidently moving to new records.
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