Discount for Valentine's Day!

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On Valentine's Day 02/14 Discount on the quest in Odessa Archmage House! Discount -150 UAH for couples (teams of 2 people, regardless of gender)! Also, a discount of -100 UAH for all teams on February 16 and 17! What you need for a game at a promotional price: Book a game on the portal with a Promo code - "Magic of Love"! Additional discounts do not apply when playing at PROMO price Your friend from the UK asked you and your friends to come to him in the city, on Illusory Lane, 9, and perform a small service. Louis mentioned that in order to fulfill the request, you will have to get into the house of his friend, for which he left you his key. But he completely forgot to mention that his friend is the archmage Raymond O`Leary, the supreme master of the ancient sorcerer’s box, “The Head of the Char.” And even he did not know what awaits you in his house, full of magic secrets and secrets ... Immerse yourself in the fascinating atmosphere of the 19th century and repulse the magicians of the Dark Order! Book a magic quest at a discount on the Questrum portal
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