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Lviv is an ancient beautiful city that is always full of tourists. This is the place where you want to come back again and again for the indescribable atmosphere and emotions. Lviv offers a lot of interesting entertainment to its guests and residents. You can not only walk along the beautiful narrow streets, see the main sights, but also have a great time in a cozy cafe or restaurant, go to the theater to play, opera or ballet. The city offers a lot of extreme entertainment, including flying in hot air balloons, hang-gliders, and steamplanes. Of particular interest is the quest in Lviv at a discount .

What is a quest at a discount

Quest in Lviv at a discount is an opportunity to try something new and unusual for a reasonable price. As a rule, this is a time-limited game that offers participants to find a way out of several rooms by solving puzzles and finding keys. So, you will be able to test your abilities in teamwork, since most often in the quest participate from two or more players. A quest with discount will be a great way to celebrate an event or just have fun with friends or work colleagues.

Quests with discount genres

Discounts for quest rooms in Lviv are offered on a variety of genres. There are suggestions for lovers of adventure, action, detectives, horror and more. You can experience incredible emotions - from goosebumps throughout the body to fun and happiness. You can arrange a romantic date and invite your soul mate to a quest for two. You can not only have an unforgettable time, but also test each other for trust and ability to support in a difficult situation. There are exclusive options for the erotic genre.

What are the discounts on quests in Lviv

Discounts for entertainment - it always attracts people, which is why many quest rooms develop interesting lucrative offers for their visitors. Discounts can be two options: • one-time. You can get information about one-time advantageous offers directly on the quest room website or by phone from the administrator; • permanent, for example, for those who have a club card, or birthday men. Birthday discounts, as a rule, are valid within a few days before / after the holiday, this time should definitely be clarified by phone. Discounts for two are also frequent quest room offers in Lviv. So, you can organize an unforgettable adventure for your sweetheart at a nice price. You can always buy a profitable club card for a low cost (about 50 hryvnia), which will significantly save when you buy any quests. Often, the cost of games due to the club card is reduced by 25 percent, which is a very nice bonus. Club cards often work throughout the year from the date of purchase, so this is a very profitable investment that will allow you to economically and memorably celebrate any holiday. Invite friends to the quest can not only the birthday. If you don’t know what to present to a friend, friend or colleague, present Gift Certificate .
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