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Quest rooms today at the peak of popularity. This is a great place to have an interesting and unforgettable time with friends, family and get to know your colleagues better. Having decided to take part in the most popular entertainment of our time, for a start it is worth studying the general rules of quest rooms.

General rules applicable to quest rooms

1. Be sure to book the date and time of the game. Escape rooms usually have their own sites on which the proposed quest (genre, plot) is advertised, here you can immediately make a reservation. This is a guarantee that the institution at the appointed time will not be occupied by another team, and the organizers will have time to conduct all the preparatory activities. 2. Arrive at the quest room 15 minutes before the start. The administrator should have time to instruct your team, tell the rules of the game, give recommendations. 3. Quest is a team game. The minimum number of participants is 2 people. The optimal number is 4-6, the maximum is up to 8. If there are more players, you should coordinate this with the administration, perhaps an individual program will be prepared for you. 4. The game is designed for 60 minutes, all this time (unless, of course, you finish earlier) the door will be locked. To exit, you need to cope with the tasks, they are all hidden indoors, you only need to find them and find the right solution. 5. Players who arrive after the start of the quest are not allowed to enter the room, so make sure that all participants come in a timely manner.

What is forbidden by the rules for visiting quest rooms?

There are few bans and restrictions, but they should be strictly adhered to. When visiting the quest room it is forbidden: • breaking the equipment of the premises and causing damage to property; • take with you any of the surroundings as a souvenir; • use physical force to simplify the performance of tasks, as according to the rules, they are designed for an intelligent solution using logic and ingenuity; • bring along alcoholic beverages, drugs, cigarettes; • take kids to games whose genre is designed for adults (horror, erotic). When booking an escape room, be sure to pay attention to the age restrictions for participants. The rules of the quest room provide that phones and tablets will be left outside the premises so that they do not distract any of the players and allow you to get real pleasure from a successful game.

Rules for preparing for the event and what to bring with you

Family Quest is a fun interactive game. To find solutions and pass successfully, no physical or special training is required. All you need is attention, ingenuity, active connection of logic, perhaps a bit of innovative thinking. And of course - a team, you must learn to act together to achieve results and successfully cope with tasks. Also, do not forget to bring a good mood and the mood to win!
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