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What is a reality room escapade or live quest quest escape the room?

Quest (quest, search) is a type of game in which your character goes through a planned plot, seeking to execute some errands (examples: kill a dragon, save the world, wash dishes, etc.). Escape (English escape, escape, exit)

Games of this type arose from the idea of bringing to life the browser-based escape the room type, which were popular in the early 2000's.
Escape rooms appeared in Japan and China in 2007. In parallel, similar quests began to appear in Europe
Most of the quests are equipped with colorful scenery, mechanical and electronic devices, as well as special effects to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game.
The quests in reality can be very different, from popular movies and computer games to completely unique scripts.
This game evokes the memories of everyone's favorite broadcast of Fort Boyard, and is reminiscent of some computer reality quest. The intellectual nature of entertainment is attracting more and more people. What else attracts numerous visitors to escapade rooms and quests?
In the course of action, players often need to work as a team, solve logical problems, and use dexterity and physical strength in times of scarcity. Usually the quest lasts for 60 - 90 minutes, the number of players in the team varies from one to five, in rare cases more.
The quest room will give you lots of interesting puzzles and puzzles that take one hour (in some cases 90 minutes) to solve. After choosing a room with a quest, you find yourself in a new, unfamiliar reality for you, where you can uncover the secrets of great detectives, get rid of the mind of crazy psychiatrists and even deal with a bloodthirsty vampire. The rapid development of this game direction has led to the creation of game genres in reality:

Escape Cape (classic)
Quest in Reality (the first step beyond the standard)
Performance (Add actors)
Action Game (Add Exercise)
Jigsaw (Unreal Quest)
We will tell more about this in the following news.
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