New quests in Kiev (winter 2019)

Photos for reviews New quests in Kiev (winter 2019)
In the winter of 2019, several new quest rooms opened in Kiev. We chose two of them to draw your attention to them. Among the quest are the novelties of the room from In Game and ANABIOZ, namely the Resident Evil 1 quest and the Island of the Damned quest room.
Both quests are located near the metro, but at different points in Kiev - this is a quest in Darnitsa Resident Evil 1 and a quest in the city center on Maidan Island of the Damned.

Quest Resident Evil: Epizode I from the organizer of In Game

As we managed to find out, Resident Evil 1 is the first part of the trilogy of quests that was opened by the Dnepropetrovsk company In Game in Kiev. The location was chosen on the left bank of the capital, and as time has already shown, it was a very good choice: proximity to the metro, very few competitors, less than 10 quest rooms for the entire left bank, where almost half of Kiev residents live, led to a good stream of people wishing to visit this location. The quest itself is made in the genre of performance (with actors), has a considerable area of ​​7 game rooms and is suitable for fans of emotions rather than solving puzzles. As the organizers promise, this is more of a thriller than a horror movie, as an unusual actor’s game awaits you, without horror elements. Although according to the reviews of players who visited this location, it can be judged that there is still a share of the horror story.

Quest Island of the Damned from the organizer ANABIOZ

The quest was opened by a Kiev development team in the very center of the capital - on Independence Square (20 meters behind Mac). The place is well suited for lovers to walk around the city center and find something to have fun. In the immediate vicinity are the popular “Drunken Cherry” and “McDonald's” establishments, which, after completing the quest, can go to adults and children (respectively, each chooses what he likes =)). For motorists, of course, it will be a little problem to find a place to park a car, but !: "whoever seeks will always find." The quest room is the first in this location of the company. We managed to find out (some insider information =)) that in the near future the organizers plan to please us with the opening of three more quest rooms: Bank Robbery, Harry Potter and From Dusk Till Dawn.
The Island of the Damned is an average quest difficulty is more in the genre of adventure than mysticism, quite entourage with a large set of actions and diverse simple tasks is perfect for both beginners and experienced questers. You have 90 minutes to complete, no longer because you need to puzzle over tricky puzzles, but so that players can enjoy the quest and get their impressions.

A quest for 6 people or even a quest room for 7 people

Both quests are characterized by a large number of rooms, there is a place to run, so there will be expanse for a team of 4 people. The organizers are allowed to visit a large team of up to 6-7 people. This is actually great news for large teams that have to share in order to go through regular quest rooms. The puzzles are all very logical, of medium difficulty, there are several unusual solutions. The game has unexpected moments and this gives it even more atmosphere. Choose a quest to your liking and follow our reports and reviews on the Questrooom portal.

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