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Kiev is an amazing city, huge and beautiful, a "millionaire" in which there are thousands of interesting places. Here life is seething both day and evening, so it seems that there are no problems with entertainment. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case, and many have to think about where to relax in Kiev, but in such a way as to recharge with positive emotions.

Entertainment options in the capital

Of course, leisure in Kiev is striking in variety. No other city will offer you such a list of options. In the warm season, you can go to the park, on the banks of the Dnieper, where a variety of outdoor activities in Kiev is offered (water rides, jet skis and all kinds of games-competitions are held). The city is always full of posters about performances and public events. If the weather does not please, or it is frosty on the street, then leisure in Kiev is limited to enclosed spaces (there are shopping and entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants, a water park, and since 2014, quest rooms ).

Quests in Kiev

The quest is perhaps the most popular option of where to go in the evening in Kiev, after work or study, as well as on any day off. This is a fascinating interactive game that will not leave you indifferent. She is a team, the minimum number of participants is 2 people, the maximum quest rooms accommodate 6-8 players. The essence of the game is to complete the task in a certain time, for which you have to use attention and logic, solve puzzles, puzzles, solve puzzles. The right decisions will help you find the path to victory and get out of the room. A quest is a plot entertainment in Kiev, all quest rooms are designed in accordance with the theme, and design, surroundings and special effects contribute to the full involvement of participants in the game. Everything is done so that you are temporarily transported to another reality, relaxed and distracted from everyday worries. Due to the fact that there are many quest rooms in the capital, such entertainment in Kiev itself can be very diverse. Depending on the age and interests of the players, you can choose different genres, for example: • quest detective; • adventure quest; • quest horror (horrors) ; • quest fun; • quest action; • quest morpheus. Each quest also has its own plot. Players can become participants in a bank robbery, try themselves as detectives and solve a crime, visit the Jurassic period or try to save the planet in the future and beyond.

Who is this entertainment for?

The quest in Kiev is a great solution for a fun and unusual leisure. You can go here with a small group of friends, relax after class with classmates, the original version of this game will be for another romantic date, a party or a birthday. The quest room is the answer to the question of where to go in Kiev with family on a day off or how to organize a corporate event to bring the team together. This is entertainment for everyone - adults and children!
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