Team game in virtual reality

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Some quest companies experiment a lot with quest formats: they put in the coffin a player or introduce some element of virtuality into a real quest. As a result, they still found a new format - this is a team game in virtual reality.
From the player’s side, the virtual quest looks like this: the team comes to the quest room, everyone puts on their virtual reality helmets and moves their consciousness to where the body cannot go. The gap between the physical body and the mind makes you re-learn everything: think, move, interact and feel. In virtual space, you can even fly in zero gravity and move objects with telekinesis. You can even take pictures.
Such quests can be booked with us on the portal .
At the moment, the quest provider Anvio has presented us with two such virtual quests in Odessa: " VR-QUEST CITY Z " and " VR-QUEST LOST SANCTUARY »
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