How to spend a weekend in Kiev

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There are thousands of ideas for spending the weekend in Kiev, because it is an amazing city with endless places for fantastic leisure. It is not boring for children or adults, there is always something to surprise the visiting guests and entertain the locals. But even in this abundance of decisions, many are lost on the eve of the weekend, thinking about what to do in Kiev, but so that it is unusual and very interesting.

Where to spend the weekend outdoors?

If the weather contributes to spending time in nature, then you can arrange a swim and a beach holiday for the weekend in Kiev. In the capital, many well-equipped public places where water attractions operate are areas for active play. There are also many parks in the capital, where you can enjoy the beauty of the environment and relax, forgetting about the daily bustle. You can go to Friendship Park, ride a cable car across the Dnieper River, rent an arbor on the shore. These are great options for both family and friends. In addition, pay attention to the announced official events, during the summer in the capital many interesting programs on the weekend.

What to do on the weekend if the weather doesn't spoil?

If the weather is not lucky, then this is not a reason to be upset. There are lots of ideas for how to spend the weekend in Kiev at any time of the year. The mall, the cafe, the water park are all there, but every time you go there you will get bored and want something unusual and original. Going quest rooms would be a great solution in this case. An exciting interactive game suitable for family holidays, hiking with friends, as well as for a variety of romantic date. quests in Kyiv appeared not so long ago, but have already become one of the most popular entertainment of citizens. Quest rooms are designed to completely immerse all participants in another reality, completely divert from everyday problems, cause a storm of positive emotions, excitement and euphoria. All rooms are designed for a specific plot, entourage, special effects and even small details thought through to the smallest detail. You have to cope with the task, and will help different tips, "hidden" in puzzles, puzzles, puzzles.

What you need to spend the day off in the quest room?

If you decide to go to the quest room on weekend in Kiev you must select the appropriate institution. The fact is that quest rooms in the capital a lot, and everyone is playing their own game. When choosing, consider: • genre (detective, adventure, horror, etc.); • the plot (it should be interesting to the team); • age restrictions for players (this is important when choosing entertainment for the whole family); • difficulty level; • the degree of fear (for example, it is undesirable to terrify to take infants, pregnant women and those who have heart problems). Of course, you should always book a quest for a date and time that is convenient for you. Do not forget that on the day off in Kiev, this entertainment is a lot of choice, and the reservation guarantees the game.
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