How to spend a day off in Nikolaev

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Many people try to spend the weekend in Nikolaev as exciting as possible, to make them full of events and impressions. Especially if it's summertime and you don't want to sit at home watching movies and reading books.

What to do at the weekend in Nikolaev

Of course, you can arrange a walk through the streets of the city, go to local establishments and enjoy a rest in restaurants and bars for a drink. Many people prefer to go outdoors in the woods or take a dip on the beach under the warm rays of the sun. But if you want a more active pastime, full of new emotions and impressions, then you need to look for more progressive options for the weekend. Let's figure out how to spend a weekend in Mykolayiv fun and unforgettable.

Weekend rest in Nikolaev

In Nikolaev there are a large number of entertainment establishments, bars, restaurant complexes, cafeterias, night clubs and so on. With the kids on weekends you can visit the zoo or entertainment center. A great idea for a family vacation would be to visit an amusement park where you can eat sweet cotton candy, popcorn and feel like a kid again, riding a carousel. You can also visit the rink and hone your skating skills. You can visit a karaoke bar with friends or colleagues, where you can sing your favorite songs and enjoy socializing with your friends over a glass of wine or beer. Going bowling, billiards and so on can be a great weekend getaway. Outdoor enthusiasts can head to the climbing wall or to the rope park. A great solution is to visit the quest rooms, which are gaining in popularity nowadays.

How interesting to spend the weekend in Nikolaev: quests

Themed quests appeal to children and adults alike. They will be a great time with friends, work colleagues and other halves. Players must solve a series of puzzles, be smart, and leave the room as quickly as possible. Each quest room is equipped with special themed scenery, provides atmospheric music, so you can better immerse yourself in the game. Such a holiday will give a lot of positive emotions and relieve the accumulated tension. Here are some of the main benefits of participating in the quest in Nikolaev: • memory training, observation. Finding a way out of a room for a limited time is not as easy as you would like. It is necessary to throw forces on search of keys, tips, opening of caches, linking of the received data in one logical chain; • improving fantasy. As the game progresses, participants must unravel the mystery of the quest room, which in turn pushes the creation of new images and anticipation of plot twists; • development of motivation. Players are struggling to achieve results; • receiving a variety of emotions. In 1 hour, players can feel joy, horror, passion, interest, wonder and more; • discovering hidden traits: leadership qualities, ability to achieve goals, and so on.
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