A variety of discounts on visiting quest rooms!

Photos for reviews A variety of discounts on visiting quest rooms!
The amount of entertainment available today to residents of Zaporozhye is growing exponentially. There are among them both traditional ones - various cafes, bars, night clubs and restaurants, as well as extreme ones, for example, paintball clubs. Against the background of all existing options, quest rooms are distinguished by the fact that they cause a whole extravaganza of emotions, make you accumulate internal resources and feel like a winner after you manage to leave the room with puzzles. Atmospheric quests - a form of relaxation that will turn your life upside down, filling everyday life with bright colors. And so as not to overpay, you can always take advantage of special discounts that organizers provide in honor of various events or as part of special offers!

Quests - a fascinating and unusual leisure for children and adults

The game in the quest room is a pastime that both adults and children will be satisfied with: • there are games in a variety of genres, ranging from horror, ending with a detective story and fiction; • you can choose any day and the most convenient time; • at the disposal of players dozens of locations, each with its own history and original design; • you can play in the company of a second half or 2-4 friends; • in most quests there are photo zones where you can make original selfies and group photos; • during the performance of tasks, logical abilities are accumulated and the ability to work in a team is developed - participants will learn a lot about the hidden talents of each other.

A great opportunity to have an unforgettable birthday

If the task is to prepare a fantastic holiday for the young birthday man and his friends, going to the quest is the best solution. Having fun celebrating a children's birthday in the quest will be much cheaper than in a restaurant or cafe, but participants will get emotions at times more. In addition, in some quest rooms there is the option of organizing a sweet table, that is, parents can order or bring pizza, cake, sweet drinks and arrange gatherings in an entourage setting. The hero of the occasion and invited friends will certainly appreciate the cool design, and adults will appreciate the opportunity to save 5-50% of the standard price. By the way, discounts are also valid for adult birthday parties directly on their birthday and a couple of days before and after it. All you need to use the advantageous offer is to take your passport with you to the game.

What other discounts can I get when visiting the quest room?

Discounts for a birthday are not the only way to profitably organize a vacation in Zaporizhia. Quest rooms with enviable regularity carry out promotions to reduce the cost of services or receive a bonus for free. There are also constant special offers, for example, -10% or -20% on condition of ordering two quests at the same time, discounts for those who want to test themselves by finding themselves in a closed space only together. Regular quest rooms should definitely pay attention to club cards, the possession of which provides a fixed discount for a certain period of time (usually 12 months). It makes no sense to deny yourself the pleasure of trying something new and exciting. It is enough to follow the shares on the site or in the social. networks or subscribe to the newsletter to keep abreast of current discounts. Every resident or guest of Zaporozhye can use them to organize a children's birthday, a weekend break with friends or a romantic date!
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