Discounts in the quest in Odessa

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Discounts in the quest in Odessa

Odessa is one of the busiest cities in Ukraine, it is almost always crowded and fun here. Odessans do not like to miss themselves and do not allow this to the city guests, offering entertainment for every taste. The city is most famous for its festivals, for this part it has no competitors, the poster is full of interesting events all year round, and here, indeed, you can have a great time absolutely free. But it also happens that Odessa is "resting." What then can citizens do?

Quest in Odessa, and why this type of leisure is profitable

In Odessa, there are many restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and similar places, but the questrooms that recently appeared in the city became a special and beloved Odessa entertainment. Quest is a fascinating, at the same time intellectual and active game, uniting people of different ages, specialties, characters, life hobbies. Once in the room corresponding to the plot, you have to solve various puzzles and understand the logic of clues to achieve the task (for example, solve a crime or destroy the plans of the mafia clan). An exciting game is always paid. And it's worth it! Judge for yourself: entourage, attributes, resources, premises, administration services, involved actors entail certain costs. But an unforgettable time always justifies the money spent, especially since the visit is a group, and when distributing the costs for the number of participants, it turns out that this is an affordable leisure option.

How to make entertainment financially beneficial

The simplest is the room quest in Odessa at a discount , i.e. you just need to look through the options and choose the institution in which there is an attractive offer. If you think that the chances of saving are small, then you are mistaken. For example, discounts on entertainment are often part of an advertising campaign, when the administration of a recently opened establishment tries to communicate about itself to the maximum number of potential visitors and increase attendance from the very first days. Discounts on the quest in Odessa are often offered to regular players. Look where you can be offered a club card, which will make it possible to save 5, 10, or even 20% of the cost of the game per hour on subsequent visits to the quest room. You can go to the online resource for booking quests (for example, at QuestRoom) and see which stories in the quest rooms are offered in the near future and which gaming institution offers, for example, discounts for two.

Pleasant surprises for birthday people

A separate option is birthday discounts .. They are “given” by the birthday room quest room for the game, which he will visit with friends for a certain time, close to a significant day. Such a quest at a discount can be 5-50% cheaper. Invite to the quest friends can not only the birthday man. If you don’t know what to present to a friend, friend or colleague - present Gift Certificate . It is original, unusual and, indeed, cool!
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