What is a quest in real life?

Photos for reviews What is a quest in real life?
Quest is the most popular entertainment of our time. He already has a million-strong army of fans, but there are those who are somewhat confused in terms. Indeed, some sources report that this is a computer game genre, while others - that this is a form of "desk" entertainment. Therefore, it is worth making some clarifications so that you can understand clearly what a quest is in real life?

What is a quest in fact, a bit from the history of the appearance of quest rooms

The word Quest came to our speech from the English language and means "search, adventure" in translation. Initially, this is really a computer multi-level game, in which in order to move to a higher level and achieve victory, it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions, pass the tests. Each gamer mentally embodies the image of the main character, tastes the taste of his victories as his own achievements. This desire led to the idea of letting quests into real life. In 2007, the first quest rooms appeared in Hong Kong and Japan, and a few years later they began to open in Europe and the CIS countries. In Ukraine, the first room was opened in 2014.

Real life quest - what is it?

Quest rooms - this is the place where you can fully experience and find out what a quest is in reality. If you describe it in simple words, then this is a room decorated in the appropriate genre and plot style, and filled with various tasks (riddles, puzzles, tasks). To maintain the effect of real life, the room is filled with various surroundings, for example, participants are surrounded by mysterious objects, artifacts, traces of crime. Corresponding sounds appear periodically, etc. A team of players is locked in this room (optimally from two to six). To immerse yourself in the game completely, feel yourself in a different reality and not be distracted by anything, phones and tablets remain outside the room. Next, the players have to complete tasks, look for clues and clues in order to successfully achieve the goal and get out of the quest room. You need to cope with intellectual obstacles in 1 hour.

What are quests in real life?

The choice of quests in real life pleases with its diversity, genres and stories - for every taste, as well as for any age categories: • for kids - these are fabulous stories in which riddles are funny, developing, alternating with the game form of physical activity (jumping, somersaults) ; • for schoolchildren, these are tasks on logic, the development of attention, memory and quick wit. Atmosphere is especially important here in accordance with the genre (adventure, horror, magic and mysticism); • for adolescents and adults it is proposed to specifically “move” the brain, solving complex puzzles, solving logical problems. Detectives are popular, in these quests the participants are at the crime scene and must solve it; • family - designed for an excellent pastime with the whole family.
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