Questroom Nuthouse №16 (izolyatsiya khmelnitskiy), Khmelnitsky

Town:  Khmelnitsky
Fear:  Not specified
History:  Have you ever felt that the world... Have you ever felt that the world around you is unrealistic? It seems that you have become a hero of a terrible story by someone else's will?
It is these thoughts that will spin in your mind when you visit the room in Psycho # 16. You will find yourself in a place that can go crazy if you do not hurry to find a way out. But to do this, you need to solve the mystery of intricate mazes and find the answers to the logical puzzles.
The quest will keep you stressed, because getting out of the chamber with soft walls is not so easy ..
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Language: RU
Genre:  Adventure Escape / Family
Gift token:  It does not work
Type:  Not specified
Actor:  No
Type of pay:  on place
Questroom "Nuthouse №16":
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Khmelnitsky, Proskurovskaya, 19
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