VR quest House of fear (MirVR), Odessa

Town:  Odessa
Fear:  fearfully
History:  Night. An abandoned dilapidated house... Night. An abandoned dilapidated house in the forest. Cobwebs in the corners, dust on the floor, dilapidated furniture and ... not a single living soul.
Apparently, the house has long been abandoned, but is it really so? You are trying to understand what is happening here, but you understand only one thing - this house will not allow you to leave so easily. Looking around, you see that the doors and windows are locked, there is no electricity, and the fading flicker of a candle is barely enough to illuminate a dark room.

To your horror, you realize that you are trapped. Someone's silhouette flashes in the dim candlelight ... Or is it a play of light?
Are you ready to conquer your fears and dive into the secrets of this dark place?
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Language: RU, UA, EN
Genre:  VR / Quests with mysticism
Gift token:  It does not work
Type:  VR quest
Actor:  No
Type of pay:  on place
Rating category: Quests VR - Virtual Reality
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