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I found out that robberies are different. You can climb into an ancient tomb full of traps, you can steal millions from a guarded bank, or you can look into an underground casino to hit a big jackpot. And it seems that the goal is the same, but how much the process itself, the style and even the mood of these robberies differ.
Do you know why people are so fond of films, and now also quests, where it is necessary to get somewhere and commit a daring crime? Because it awakens the spirit of adventurism, sometimes sleeping deep inside, and that which was so lacking in everyday life. And it's also an absolutely legal way to get adrenaline and excitement without harming your wallet.
And now a little more detail about the questroom "Playing for a large game"

Quest chips

Probably the most important feature of this quest I will single out is the atmosphere of an underground casino. First of all, you need to understand how everything works here, where are the hiding places, gambling tables, chips and all other similar attributes, but many things are not obvious at first glance.
The quest has a fairly large number of different entourage elements that allow it to look quite realistic. It is a stylish establishment with a bar, jukebox and poker table, chips and cards.
On the technical side, the quest is pretty strong. Absolutely all riddles here are technical.
In general, the space is decorated in a rather detailed way, even the wallpaper is matched to the surroundings of the casino. It looks cool, and at the same time, almost all items are playable and you need to find your own non-trivial approach to them.

Whom do I recommend the quest Game for a high?

Fans of all kinds of adventures, since this project stands out for the diversity of riddles and the active development of the plot. The project has chances to equally please both the company of children who are far from gambling, puzzles will create an atmosphere of competition for them, and adults who have decided to commit a completely legitimate “crime” and feel their dose of buzz, excitement and adrenaline. The quest room is settled in Kiev, at the address: st. Popudrenko 22/14 , district Darnitsky , metro Darnitsa
You can see the full information and book the quest Play for high stakes
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