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We had a chance to visit the quest room "Workshop of the filmmaker." The room is located in the already familiar quest space, on the 9th floor of the business center, located within walking distance from the metro station Druzhby Narodov (access to the side of the botanical garden).

Out of habit, we took the elevator and we were met by a friendly receptionist. After a couple of minutes, we were already in the game.

The main task that became before us was to unravel the mystery of the missing script, with which we had to pretty tinker.

Quite unusual in the room are hints and hints for solving problems. Riddles are diverse with the use of electronics and mechanics.

Everything is very thematic. The quest room is filled with: posters, cameras, oscars and other equipment.

For the successful completion and solution of some tasks, you need to be extremely careful, which we caught on - taking a hint and more than one. We were able to reach the cherished goal only to the very end, having solved all the tasks and finding the cherished scenario only in 58 minutes. By complexity, the room seemed to us above average.

After passing, we were pleased with a gift - a memorable magnet.


- The quest is linear;
- A team of 3-4 people is quite capable of passing minutes in 50-55;
-Give memorable souvenirs;
- In this location immediately 5 quest rooms and a huge hall.

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