Ghostbusters Quest Overview

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Our team often travels to Zaporozhye and if there is free time, we always visit a couple of quests.
The Game company is one of our favorite quest companies in Zaporozhye. The other day we visited the quest Ghostbusters. Now he is in our top quests.
The quest is very entourage and relative to other quests we completed in Zaporozhye, it seemed to us more technological. When we got into an abandoned fire station and found blasters, we immediately felt like hunters. The process of catching ghosts brought great delight. We haven’t seen such a thing anywhere yet.
The quest will be interesting for both beginners and experienced questers
The staff is friendly, there is also a large reception area where adults and children can celebrate their birthday! You can bring cake and pizza with you. Also for convenience there is WI-FI, sofas and tables, tea and coffee, which is not in every quest.
In general, we recommend passing
You can see the full information and book the quest Ghostbusters
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