Overview of the quest Molfar's Cabin

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The story begins even before you enter the room. For a complete dive, you need to imagine a long walk through the woods in the amazing Carpathians and as soon as you sit down to relax, the quest begins. At first, it seems that absolutely nothing is clear here, but if you look closely, everything falls into place and your whole team is already assembled and continues to reveal the history of the Carpathian magician - Molfar. In order to get out - it was necessary to recreate the last minutes of this old man's stay in his refuge. Entourage in the room is made for all two hundred percent! These magic potions, old books, Carpathian herbs, authentic records. You need to be very careful not to miss all the details. Since, for example, without paying attention to one thing, we spent 15 minutes wasting, trying to find a clue from all sides. And after the administrator prompted, it seemed surprising that all four participants missed this stage. But now all the riddles are solved, all the recipes are found, the potions are ready and the time has come for magic. Someone must assume the role of Molfar and repeat everything that Molfar did. It was especially interesting to know the principle of operation of some mechanisms and their history after the quest was completed. After going through the room, small presentations will be waiting for you, in other networks of quest rooms we have not seen this. Everyone is given a magnet with your photo as a gift, a trifle, but nice). Also for holders of IT Club cards a discount of as much as 20%! The only thing is not enough sweets, as in all other places. Sometimes before a difficult quest, you just need to eat glucose. If to summarize all the impressions, we definitely recommend this room for visiting.
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