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The mini-quest "Elevator" from the provider LOCK is located at ul. Saksagansky, 45. You can get to the place from the metro University or Leo Tolstoy - 15 minutes on foot. In the location at this address there are 3 more quest rooms: Samurai Path, Monstropolis and Gingerbread House.

We booked the quest in advance and arrived at the specified address. We were rather dryly met by the administrator (well, it happens that we thought), taking an advance payment and telling the story quickly launched into the quest.

Since the quest is called “Lift”, our expectations with the size of the room and the surroundings completely coincided - a freight elevator in new buildings. For two or three people there is enough space to turn around and spend 30-40 minutes. Fortunately, there were two of us and we were comfortable, but it took us less than half an hour.

We visited this quest after the mini-quest "Conspiracy apartment" from the same provider, and expected something similar, but in truth we were slightly disappointed.

We went through the quest with one hint related to a “sudden glitch” and multiple failures in the gaming device, which the administrator accused us of misuse - such a gripe from a person who should help and be loyal to customers.

On the fact of passing, it’s difficult to sort out something like that. There are a couple of puzzles, perhaps one riddle, and a few points for attention and search. For beginners or children, for the first time, the quest will probably be quite suitable, but players with experience will most likely find it boring.

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