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Photos for reviews Overview of the quest room Merlin
Having been in more than a dozen quest rooms, we decided to visit the quest on a medieval theme. We caught sight of the Merlin quest from the Locked Up Provider.
The quest is located in Kiev within walking distance from the metro Druzhby Narodov (about 7-10 minutes leisurely step and you are there) along Chigorina street 55 (3rd entrance). We already knew this location, since we had previously played there in the quest room MAYA: THE END OF THE EPOCH (sure, we will write a review about it later)
. The administrator was a little late, but she warned us in advance about this and we arrived just in time for her arrival. The girl met us at the doorstep and suggested we wait a bit in the lobby while she checked the condition of the room and prepared it for the start. Having taken payment from us and told a story about the knights of the round table and King Arthur, we were launched into the quest.
The room is made quite entourage, fits the style of the Middle Ages. Honestly, we assumed that there are only 1 rooms in the quest, but we didn’t guess =). The riddles in the quest are not the most difficult and quite possible for beginners: not complicated, diverse, for different interactions and different in type. The administrator led us into a slight misconception, indicating that everything plays only once, but in fact it turned out that in the first room there is an object that plays several times.

The quest room is ideal for 2-4 players, and more than that, the company WILL NOT let in their quests. In our opinion, a good-quality room is perfect for beginners, but experienced teams may seem rustic - it will be interesting how the time will be, if you don’t know what to choose, since it is really possible to go for 35-40 minutes without prompting.
You can see the full information and book the quest Merlin`s Tower
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