Quest Overview The Perfect Crime

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The company locked up this quest only because we live in a five-minute walk. Honestly, the quest exceeded all expectations. Our team really liked it and now it is included in our Top 3 best quests of this company.
According to legend, you are a professional robber, and this time the customer wanted to buy a Faberge egg and sent you to work. From reliable sources you will find out that the egg is in a private museum. You waited for the guard to leave and must commit your “Ideal Crime.”
At first, you really feel like a robber, because you get into the museum by some underground paths).
This quest is part of the "quest to think" series, which is why we liked it. Our team of two people coped with one hint in 40 minutes (there is experience in completing quests). The quest itself is very entourage and quite logical. Two players will be quite comfortable, although the quest is designed for 4 players.
On exit there were only positive emotions. The staff is friendly and sociable, which is important.
This location also has another favorite quest, The Underground Empire. We also recommend passing.
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