A visit to the quest room with payment by card "Ye-pidtrimka"

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For fans of quest rooms and those who haven't played yet but want to try it. We have good news for you! You can now buy a gift certificate from the quest room using the "support" card. And this means that you can visit any quest where the QuestRoom ™ gift certificate is valid using "support". The list of quest rooms, VR quests and performances where the certificate is valid can be viewed on the website - https://questroom.com.ua/en/variation/sertif< /a> You can purchase a certificate using the link buy a gift certificate Additionally: when purchasing certificates with a face value of 500 and 1000 UAH bank commission is paid by QuestRoom

What is the ye-Pidtrimka card

Today, there is a state program that provides for the provision of financial assistance to citizens who have completed a full course of vaccination against Covid and have a corresponding green certificate in the Diya application. 1000 hryvnia can be received by every adult person who has fulfilled the above conditions, as well as issued a special bank card "Yepidtrymka". That's where the money is going to go. But they are allowed to spend with certain restrictions - only for paying for goods or services of companies whose MCC codes have been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. These can be: cinemas, theaters, libraries, gyms, museums, pharmacies, exhibition centers, show programs and tourist attractions. Also, for the money provided, it is allowed to buy air or railway tickets for trips within Ukraine.

The above is not the whole list of options, where to spend a thousand from the president. Even for this money you can pay for a visit to the quest room (show programs and tourist attractions). But there are no problems with the search for options. All firms that can accept payment by this method notify potential customers about this on their websites, advertising stands, pages on social networks. And it should be noted that there are many such quest rooms in Kiev.

Why you should choose to visit the quest room

If we talk about why it is better to spend a thousand from the president specifically to pay for visiting the quest room, it is not necessary to look for the benefits of such a decision for a long time. They are obvious:

  • you will spend time in an unusual way, so remember this rest for a long time;
  • it is possible to organize leisure activities in the company of friends, because a visit to the quest room is always designed for several people;
  • You will have the opportunity to choose the format and theme of the quest. There are a lot of options. It can be detective, comedy, any other genre;
  • dealing with a quest and solving various puzzles with a trick is much more interesting for many Kievans than, for example, watching a theatrical performance or a performance by a little-known artist;
  • It will be possible to sign up for the quest on any suitable day, while the above-mentioned events take place with a large interval between them. If you want to go to the cinema, you will also have to wait a long time for a movie to appear in theaters that would really be nice to see. And the quest is still more interesting than going to the cinema.
As you can see, the decision to visit the quest room really turns out to be justified. It remains only to make a choice.

How to choose escape rooms in Kiev and other cities

There are a lot of offers in the capital. Pay "є Pіdtrimka" you can visit most quest rooms. It remains to decide. To make it easier to choose, study and compare quests according to the following criteria:

  • theme. These can be adventure scenarios, detective stories, programs based on famous films, family options, etc. You should choose taking into account who will participate in the quest, how impressionable these people are, what interests they have;
  • level of difficulty. Another very important point. If you choose a game that is too difficult, it may not be interesting for someone on the team. For the same reason, you should not give preference to very easy options if there are no children or teenagers among the players;
  • The allowed number of players in a team. Usually it is 2-6 people. But the options are different, so pay attention to this moment.
As you can see, if you need an original quest room for organizing interesting leisure activities, in Kiev you can easily pick it up. There are many offers. At the same time, they are given a brief description of the scenario so that the customer understands what awaits him and his friends during the game.

As for payment. In most cases, prepayment after booking is not required. Payment is made by card on the spot.

And the last thing you should pay attention to is preparation. It is better if the players wear comfortable

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