Where to celebrate birthday in Lviv

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By tradition, it is customary to celebrate birthdays with family and friends. Gifts, wishes, holiday feasts - all the scenarios are very similar, but you want something original. So, the question is, how to mark birthday in Lviv interesting and unforgettable?

How to mark the DR in Lviv?

The key to any DR is a sense of humor, great mood and pleasant company. Of course, most are tired of the usual feasting scenarios, so let's look at some birthday ideas in Lviv: • Parachute Jump - If there is no fear of heights, then DR can be the reason for jumping from height with your friends. Such a bright event you will definitely not forget and will long remember; • Paintball club - this variant of the holiday will interest the active birthday parties, who are not afraid to be "shot"; • an excursion around the city will bring a lot of vivid impressions, which will allow to mark DR in Lviv and to learn many new places; • Themed party, also a good option for a fun time with friends. Sufficient to the chosen style to decorate the venue DR and prepare the outfit for the whole company; • a great birthday idea in Lviv - a holiday on wheels. It is now possible to rent a festive tram or trolley bus to travel around the city. Transportation can be decorated to your liking and arrange a cocktail reception; • DR can be noted in the amusement park - ride rides with your friends and remember the forgotten sensations.

An alternative to celebrating DR in Lviv with the company

Recently, more and more people are trying to celebrate their birthday in Lviv in a quest room. As, escapade rooms are different in space and hospitality, and the birthday party after the holiday does not need to do the cleaning and washing dishes. many The quests for DR are combined in cozy locations where you can have tea or organize a buffet, during which guests will be able to exchange impressions and to congratulate the culprit of the celebration.

Fun features in the quest room

The Quest in Lviv is an exciting world of adventure that will make your DR unforgettable and vivid. If you want to try on your own image of a hero from your favorite movie, and go for adventures, then quest room is the best solution. There are many interesting tasks for the traitor and the guests. Not only can you have fun celebrating your birthday in Lviv, but it is also fun to spend time with friends and family, solving puzzles and puzzles, as well as completing various tasks that will lead to the main goal - leaving the room. All quests have their own storyline. Depending on the subject, you will be able to feel like a hero of an adventure or fantasy movie, or a computer character. Therefore, if you cannot decide where to celebrate a birthday in Lviv fun and unforgettable, then go for a quest.
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