What is a quest?

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Recently, quests have become the most fashionable and popular entertainment. They conquered modern youth, they are loved by children and more and more adults have become interested. Although many, despite the "quest boom", do not fully understand what a quest is, and in most cases this is why they have not yet been among its fans. So, it's time to fill this gap.

What is a simple word quest game?

Quest is an entertaining game designed for team participation. The minimum number of players is two, the most optimal is six, although there are programs for a larger number of participants. The game is necessarily thematic, based on some kind of plot (a detective novel, an adventure film, etc.), and always contains a number of tasks. In fact, all participants need to overcome a series of obstacles (intellectual, light physical) in order to achieve their goal in a certain time. This is usually 60 minutes. The word "Quest" in translation from English means "challenge, search, adventure." So it is customary to call multi-level computer games that require solving a number of any tasks. But today they moved to reality, i.e. You can not watch the heroes from the side, but become a full-fledged participant in the event. In such a "live" quest, you can play in the quest rooms.

Types of quests

Quests come in several forms, you can choose any genre: • adventure; • detective story; • horror (horrors) ; • happy; • family ; • with the participation of actors. There are a lot of varieties, and you can always choose interesting for your company, choosing a quest room. The institution always provides a description of the quests that are conducted, in which the genre, levels of fear and difficulty are noted, the plot is described.

Quest rooms

Now we will describe as clearly as possible what a quest room is. This is the name of the venue for an exciting game. This is a lockable space from which players will have to find a way out within a certain time (usually 1 hour). For realism of actions, the room is always designed in the following way: • there are colorful themed scenery; • special effects are included; • actors can take part. Thanks to all this, players are distracted from reality and completely immersed in the fascinating world of the quest. To achieve the goal and get out of the room, participants will have to be smart, logical thinking, find clues that are hidden in the quest room. Now, in order to finally understand what a quest game is and to feel the whole drive along with unforgettable emotions, you will have to take four simple steps: • assemble a team; • choose a quest room; • book a game at a convenient date and time; • arrive at the indicated address 10-15 minutes before the start (in order to be instructed). No special training is needed - just remember to bring a good mood with you!
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