What is the value of aggregators

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Dear colleagues, many of you use the services of various aggregators of the QuestRoom group and take their work for granted, but for some reason many of you forget the benefits that you receive.
Below we will write down a few factors that the aggregator will give you.

Advertising factor.

The main and main advantage is that QuestRoom aggregators are attracting customers now, and you need to pay after service for them after the fact.
Perhaps many of you will say that the cost of attracting a client from an aggregator is high, but let's calculate how much you spend on advertising to turn one client into one? How much does it cost to advertise on instagram, facebook, google? how much does one conversion cost?
Having talked with companies that are actively promoting advertising, we found out that, for example, the cost of 1 click of a target audience is from 2 to 6 UAH, while this is not a guaranteed client - this is a person who was somehow interested in your offer. Next, we clarified how many of these clicks turn into real reservation, and it turned out that the cost of one “advertising” reservation varies from UAH 90 to 450! (And some companies admitted that they don’t even monitor conversions and do not understand how many customers came for advertising, but how much on word of mouth or other sources). At the same time, advertising services must be paid in advance or within a short period of time. But that's not all. Now look at the percentage of completed games, that is, a person has booked (but this is not a fact that he came and paid), because not every reservation reaches a completed game - according to our data, the average percentage of cancellations or missed teams is 12-35%. That is, in fact, for attracting one client, many of you need to spend from 99 to 630 UAH while paying this cost, you need to immediately and hope for the result, but it still may not be, but the money has already been spent!
The aggregator takes its commission only from a real client who came and paid you the game, and a deferred payment is a nice plus.

Factor of choice.

Due to the greater choice for the client, the sites of Questroom aggregator company are more priority in search results. The quest aggregator offers the client the choice of a game according to the criteria and time necessary for him, provides a filter for searching or supporting a call center. A person who has not yet decided on a particular quest is more likely to go on a quest search engine to have more choices, read reviews or reviews. Players can also choose quests for a particular company or for a specific time.
Perhaps the players wanted to visit your competitor’s quest, but the time was busy and they will choose the quest with free time from you. Either they want a quest for now, or are looking for a quest nearby. We will not paint all the options with a script, there are a lot of them.

Gift certificate.

More and more people having tested what a quest is without knowing what to give, they opt for a gift certificate. After all, a gift certificate is a great gift not only for a friend or family member, but also for a colleague or acquaintance. The person who received such a gift will receive a lot of emotions after completing the quest room. Questroom certificate is valid in more than 100 quest rooms in Ukraine!

Additional functionality:

Calendar for online booking and the possibility of online payment.


Also for those who tell us that maintaining the work of the aggregator is simple: I bought a domain and launched the site, and it works for itself.
They brought a small list of costs.

Daily expenses of the aggregator:
hosting, the operation of web-servers;
mail server;
domain support;
SMS notification server;

Additional monthly costs, staff remuneration:
financial accounting;
call center;
dialing, tracking and checking bookings and games;
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