City pedestrian quest "Chip and Dale rush to the rescue"

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• What awaits you this weekend?
City free pedestrian quest “Rescuers” from Vzperti 1-2 June.
Freshly cooked melted cheese, with unique tastes, stole Fat Cat and is going to eat it all. The worst thing is that he brought with him all the recipes. Humanity risks missing a new era of melted cheese and not trying unique tastes. Rocky in despair. Fortunately, Chip and Dale found a clue and got on the trail of a cat. Together with the legendary friends we have a great battle.

• What is the purpose?
Find out what an unexpected situation our heroes got this time, and help them deal with Fat Cat.

• Where will the quest take place?
Dnipro, Cathedral District

• When to start?
The quest can be completed at any time on June 1 and 2. Start the game from 12:00 to 16:00 on one of the days.
For those who like to compete, the general prize start is scheduled for June 1 at 12:00! We are waiting for all at registration from 11:30.

• What is the length of the route?
3.5 km

• What is the duration of the quest?
2.5-3 hours

• Where and when is the gathering place?
June 1 and 2, from 11:30
Sevastopol Park, in the center of the park.

• How much is?
Participation is free.

• Where to register?

• Prizes and gifts!
Large sets of SQUEEZE CHEESE and other gifts from TM COMO will receive three winning teams. And all participants will have memorable magnets and a chance to try an exclusive product that appeared on the shelves of ATB in Dnipro less than a month ago.

For all questions call the number: +38 093 170 1445.
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