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Quest is an amazing entertainment that is not indifferent. The game involves finding players in an unusual location for them and completing a series of tasks for a certain period of time, so that participants can find a way out of this room. Going into the quest room for the first time, many are excited, which is natural for all new things. In order to successfully cope with the task, learn a few simple tips that will help you not to get confused, but to get real pleasure.

A few important steps to prepare for the passage

Before completing the quest, you need to listen to the administrator's briefing. To do this, the team of players must arrive in the quest room 15 minutes before the start. You will be told the main points of the passage, the tasks and the goal, will be introduced to the rules of the institution. Be sure to “take” a good mood with you and tune in mentally to successfully complete the quest, no matter how difficult it is and regardless of whether you are familiar with the subject. For example, to help Harry Potter find the key to the magic room, it is not necessary to read all 7 books, as the quest room will have its own story.

Secrets of successfully completing quest rooms

In order to successfully pass the quest room , remember a few rules. They concern both beginners separately, and the whole team. 1. Do not panic. This condition covers many after closing the door. Drive away thoughts like “I can’t”, “I don’t understand what to do,” “Where to start at all?”, “Now I’ll disgrace myself”. Free your head from such "garbage", and get involved in working with all players. 2. Be mindful of the little things. From the very beginning of the game, you need to look around the quest room, turn on the brainstorming and look for any clues, sometimes what seems illogical and inappropriate turns out to be an element of the way. Collect items, comment aloud on everything you see. In the same way the team should act. 3. Players should work only together, and not try to hide something from others, in order to subsequently demonstrate to someone their achievements or amuse their own pride. This is the key to the success of the game. 4. Think outside the box! Look for new, unusual, amazing ways to solve problems and puzzles, connect logic and attention, during the quest you may need to change the angle of view more than once.

About choosing a quest room

No matter how attractive the plot offered by the quest room may seem, the passage depends on the correct choice of the game. Be sure to pay attention to such points: • age category; • genre (some are interested in detective stories, while others like tickle your nerves ); • level of difficulty; • level of fear. Beginners should start with simple quests. Even if you are a well-read and educated person by nature, it is better to let the first game be a warm-up, training. This will increase the excitement and desire to try their hand again and again, but already in the passage of a more difficult quest.
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